Lake Township is located on the Northeastern fringe of Wood County, bordered by the City of Northwood on the north, Ottawa County on the east, Troy Township on the south and Perrysburg Township on the west. The Township has a unique blend of residential, agricultural, manufacturing, transportation, and industrial components.
Lake Township and the Villages of Millbury and Walbridge have over 13,000 residents. Lake Township has a full-time Police Chief and department and full-time Fire Chief with two active fire stations and 24 hour EMS service in addition to state-of-the-art dispatching.
Lake Township's 70 miles of roadway is maintained by the Lake Township Road Department which duties include snow removal and salting, repairing roadways, storm sewers and mowing all Township roadsides. Lake Township has averaged paving 2.5 miles or roadway a year for the past 10 years.
The Township is considered a major transportation hub for trains/planes/vehicles with major CSX and Norfork Southern rail lines located in the Township. The location of the largest airport in Wood County, Metcalf Airport is also located here. In addition, Lake Township has major state and federal highways running through it with the Ohio Turnpike 80/90, I-280, State Route 20, State Route 795, State Route 579, State Route 163, and State Route 51.
Lake Township's historic cemetery is located on Walbridge Road and is beautifully maintained throughout the year.
Lake Township is a zoned township and has a part-time Zoning Inspector. Lake Township has twelve (12) active subdivisions totaling 808 lots. These subdivisions are a varied mix of starter homes, young urban professional and, elderly housing. The Village of Millbury also has four (4) active subdivisions totaling over 100 lots. In addition to the new subdivisions, several well established and maintained older subdivisions exist in Lake Township and the Villages of Millbury and Walbridge. There are also three (3) manufactured home parks totaling 612 permanent and fifty (50) temporary lots. The 2000 US Census has the Millbury area as a high growth residential area, with the population actually getting younger.
The Township also has two parks: Friendship park is a passive park where "music in the park" is enjoyed throughout the summer months and Fireside park, which is an active park, where children enjoy baseball/t-ball, softball and soccer. Various soccer clinics and tournaments are held each year. The Villages of Millbury and Walbridge also haver several parks with facilities for baseball and softball.