On September 1st 2009 the Wood County Commissioners gave their approval by motion to the Lake Township/City of Toledo JEDD.

With this Wood County approval of the JEDD (Joint Economic Development District) which is located on Metcalf airfield, Lake Township and its residents are posed to be the beneficiaries of high paying-long term jobs. the Lake Township Trustees intend to take a leadership role in helping foster, assist and promote long-term job creation in the JEDD and elsewhere. To aggressiely assist, promote with incentives, grants and informational/technical sharing to existing and interested businesses. To engage in creative and innovative job creating solutions leading to orderly growth and economic development that benefits Lake Township's residents and schools.

Lake Township is uniquely situated in a highly developed transportational hub region which is comprised of rail lines, interstates for trucks and a technically advanced airport. The new mantra in Lake Township will be Planes-Trains-Trucks = Jobs-Jobs-Jobs.

The Lake Township Trustees first course of action will be to develop a web site which will act as an information gathering center and a networking site for business development on an area-state and federal level. The Lake Township Trustees will work with, and in conjuction with the City of Toledo, Toledo Lucas County Port Authority, Wood County Economic Development Commission, TMACOG, Village of Millbury, Village of Walbridge and Lake Local Schools to help create and retain jobs.

A foreign trade zone (FTZ) is currently located in Lake Township. A FTZ used in conjuction with the Lake Township JEDD will act as a catalyst for job creation, as noted on

"Using a foreign trade zone is an excellent way for U.S. manufactures to achieve tax and duty savings. FTZ's are secure areas within the U.S. where foreign and domestic merchandise can be placed without formal customs entry or payment of duties or taxes" (source:

In summary, the newly adopted JEDD coupled with the Lake Township Jobs Initiative Project promises local businesses new opportunities to expand and hire, tax relief for local schools and long-term high paying jobs for area residents. The Lake Township Jobs Initiative Project holds the promise of positive results for the Lake Township community.
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