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Any Residential Building Construction/ Remodeling
   Not to exceed 300 sq.ft. in area- $35.00

Any Residential Building Construction/Remodeling
   Not to exceed 500 area- $45.00

Any Residential Building Construction/Remodeling
   Over 500sq. ft. in area, including modular homes- $75.00 single family, $100.00 Two family

Multiple Dwellings include Motels/Hotels - $150.00

Additional for each unit in excess of three units- $50.00
   (Multiple Dwellings, include Motels/Hotels)

Commerical Building Construction/Remodeling - $200.00

Industrial Building Construction/Remodeling - $250.00

Satellite Dishes (Permit required for placement in yard) - No Charge

Fences - $30.00

Ponds/ Swimming Pools - $35.00

Signs: Not to exceed 32sq.ft.- one side $40.00 Two sides $60.00

Signs Illuminated: Not to exceed 32sq.ft. one or two sides $75.00

Signs: Exceeding 32 sq.ft. - one side $75.00, Two sides $100.00

Signs:exceeding 100 sq.ft.; Illuminated or massage; one or two sides; computerized or hi- rise $175.00

Signs, Billboard - one or two sides $200.00

Cell Towers - $100.00
Commerical/ Industrial Site Inspection (Fire, Police, and Zoning) = $75.00

Board of Zoning Appeals Hearing- $250.00
Zoning Commission Hearing- $250.00
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